The Place of Final Training Revisited

Peoples’ Understanding of Prophetic Events can often be Influenced by Factors without Substantial Basis. The Book of Revelation’s reference to God’s Church being Protected During the End-Time Illustrates One of These!

There is a particular doctrinal area we have called, in the recent past: “The Place of Final Training”. You may remember that. We used to talk about it a lot, in fact, QUITE a lot! It’s a place also known to many as ‘The Place of Safety’. I'm not aware if the Church of God has published any definitive position on this recently, beyond what we have traditionally presented on this subject. But, I want to pose something regarding it, that may help us, in the future, better define what this subject is about and what it may involve for many of us.

Try and recall what you understand about what was referred to as “The Place of Final Training”. First, do you understand where that name came from? Is it a Biblical term? Do you recall any particular verse from which we got that name? There is only one, really. Most people are unaware of which one it is. We’ll look into it a little further along.

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