The Enigmatic Second-First Sabbath

This Misapplied and Little Understood Narrative In Luke Chapter 6 Suggests To Some That Christ BROKE THE LAW. Others See In It a Reference As To How To Determine Wavesheaf Day In Those Occasional Years When PASSOVER Falls On a SABBATH. What Important Information Does This Passage REALLY Present ?

Serious Bible students who tend to embrace the ‘antinomian’ position are known to refer to the passage in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 6: verses 1 thru 5 as a case in point that Christ broke or routinely disregarded Old Testament Law. Nowhere does this draw more passionate attraction than among those within the anti-Sabbatarian community. “I Am Lord of the Sabbath Day.” A seemingly routine incident from daily life is seen as offering us a glimpse into a rather significant theological topic. The concluding statement in this scenario suggests to many that Sabbathkeeping is here being dismissed as no longer relevant.

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