What original understandings of End Time Prophecies are missing from the World's Christianity?

While these articles are generally not for “novices” who have newly come to the faith of Jesus Christ – or for those who are simply curious – it is possible for anyone to understand what is presented here. However, such individuals will need to apply themselves more diligently in order to fully grasp the deeper spiritual meaning of the Scriptures. Consequently, it is strongly recommend that those who are “new in the faith” first read the articles in Bible–101 category. One needs to understand the basic meaning of God’s Sabbath and holy days, grace and faith. The meatier material contained in this section will be much easier to comprehend.

Genesis 12:2 “‘And I will make of you a great nation….” This has tremendous significance spiritually and physically, because there were promises that were spiritual promises given to Abraham and there were physical promises for the nation of Israel -have these promises been fulfilled completely? What will be the greatest nation on earth when Christ returns? Spiritual Israel, the Church, the bride of Christ!

In Genesis 26:4 God is talking to Isaac: “And I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens and will give to your seed all these lands….” Who are the desendants of Isaac today? Do they occupy that land now? These are just two prophecies not yet fulfilled. This section fills in the unanswered questions about what God is doing on Earth. The World’s religions are blinded to the Biblical answers.

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