And So, All Israel Shall Be Saved

The Apostle Paul lamented the situation with regard to his physical Kinsmen not being afforded Salvation in this age. You would think they’d be THE Prime Candidates for Salvation, though History has proven otherwise!


Perhaps one of the most perplexing situations in all of religion throughout the last twenty centuries is the obvious fact that those peoples who we would rate most likely to become converted in the Church Era are not! Nor is it likely that they will be any time soon. Considering Israel’s vast history and long relationship with their God, it would seem that these peoples would be perfect candidates for salvation, once it became fully available. Yet, that isn’t the case. We see the Jewish peoples of the first century and onward, for the most part, rejecting their Messiah and True Paschal Sacrifice. No more than a very few, referred to in the New Testament and Old as only a ‘remnant’, are recipients of this Covenant of Promise, and based not on ethnicity, which we might have expected, but rather on the election and foreknowledge of God.

Not So Fast!

God promised Israel a Messiah. He stated very plainly that He would bring salvation to the nation. Yet, when we flip through the pages of history, we find no such thing…

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