Heaven & Hell, or a REAL Future?

Among the Most Prevalent Subjects in all of Christianity, the Eternal Destination of the Human Soul occupies First Place in Interest of Believers. Why are Churches so Adamant on a Subject where Scriptures are so Unclear?


Rarely will a week go by where the typical church-goer isn’t reminded of the assurance that ones’ eternal destiny is conditioned upon their adherence to the tenets of the particular religion that their own church espouses. It seems to be the main focus and intent of religianity, to bring all believers into a condition where a blissful eternity in Heaven is assured. After all, what greater quest could there be? Religious pitch men will press passers-by with the question: “Brother, are you sure you're going to Heaven”? Those who are self-assured will usually respond in the affirmative, and those who aren't sure, or who are afraid they aren’t, will cringe and move on, pretending they didn’t hear the question.

A Deep-Rooted Belief Structure

Human destiny, beyond this lifetime, has proven to be the most enigmatic question of all time. Is there a conscious 'afterlife'?

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