Servant Leadership

In Consideration of the Administrative Approach of the Past, a New Approach has gained Appeal among a certain few Ministers. One rightly claimed to have been Appropriate all along! This study explains WHY this approach, by itself, is insufficient.

In recent months, I’ve been writing a lot of articles addressing the subject of Church administration. Recipients of these articles have noticed and have commented on it being my current ‘passion’.

What I’m finding is that what I’m saying is being interpreted from a point of view that our peoples might be expected to take. They are considering the matter from the point of view that we have traditionally operated under, not necessarily the Biblical model. This explains why their reactions are somewhat defensive and negative. They want to defend the ministry’s authority position, and I can’t fault them for that. I do defend the ministry also, but from a more comprehensive approach, while faulting certain extremes of degree to which things were taken in the past. This will be explained in later paragraphs.

My primary goal is to elevate the stature of the general membership to its proper God-ordained role. Based on former thinking, that is interpreted by some as an attack on the ministry. It isn’t really, though it may seem that way based on our conceptions of decades past.

WHO IS the Greatest?

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