The Divine Nature

In the chapters of this book, we are going to consider our first Biblical introduction to the Spirit of God and its relationship to the Universe. We will see startling declarations of modern physical sciences, Quantum Mechanics in particular, that should broaden our perspective as to what part Gods’ Spirit plays in the existence of all things, physical and non-physical, animate and inanimate.

Where the usual theological focus is on the Father and the Son when discussing the Nature of God, we’ll instead approach the matter by considering unique aspects of the Nature of Gods’ Spirit and the nature of Spirit in general and its application and function in our lives.

We will review what the early Church originally understood on these matters as opposed to those theological positions that were later developed. We will also see that a ‘third person’ was not the emphasis in the earliest Councils, but was developed a generation later than the first Council in 325AD. In that the early Church by and large was not even aware of the Trinitarian view, it would have had no impact on the salvation of any believer for at least the first 300-years! Then, why would religion today deem belief in “the Trinity” essential to ones’ salvation?

We will also see that the Trinitarian view was not universally accepted in the fourth century any more than was the promotion of the day-of-the-sun and prohibitions against “Jewish” Sabbaths, both weekly and annual, nor the incorporation of customs derived from the pagan religions of the day, particularly the Mithraic Cult, into what was being passed off as ‘christianity’.


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